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This is a show that will capture your mind and heart... It is a completely enthralling show.
     - Marina Kennedy,

Feels revolutionary and new... It grabs hold of you and won't let go.
  - James MacKillop, Syracuse New Times

Cortland Repertory Theatre's stunning production of this most beloved of American musicals is a must-see... Every element of this production comes together to form a perfect whole.
   - Linda Lowen,

...the production team and cast are having so much fun that we can’t help but be swept along with them and join in the gales of laughter that fill the November Theatre over and over again.
       - Richmond Times-Dispatch

Peter and the Starcatcher is a creative, spellbinding tour-de-force and a must-see... Director Nathaniel Shaw has given the audience a wonderful present by way of this production. His casting choices are downright perfect. He’s given the actors the ability to be flexible and personable in the moment... delivering a Broadway level performance from beginning to end... it seems to have been teleported directly from a New York stage to Virginia Rep's November Theatre on Broad Street.
    - Richmond Family Magazine

The energy produced by Totem Pole's version of this raucous, funny and sometimes heart-rending nod to the music and social upheavals of the 1950's could have run Chambersburg's electrical grid for a whole day... you really owe it to yourself to check this one out.
       - T.W. Berger, Flipside PA

Director Nathaniel Shaw maintains a sweet affection for his characters, keeping them real even as they are plunged into unreal (for them, at least) situations.

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Director/Choreographer Nathaniel Shaw has crafted a handsomely staged production with a whole lot o’ brains and a whole lot o’ talent...

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Speaking of fun, choreographer Nathaniel Shaw whipped up a pair of frenetic flapper numbers set at a cabaret called the Cat’s Club. Headlined by J.H. Hendricks as the sultry Woman in Red, these might seem to be mere adornments, but their dark, sexy energy help keep the tone of "The Tenement" balanced on the knife edge between absurdity and artiness.  Sometimes the frosting makes the cake.
- Kerry Lengel, Arizona Republic

Director Nathaniel Shaw keeps the show moving at a brisk pace.
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A handsomely mounted and well acted performance.
                                                              - Conway Daily Sun

Not surprisingly, The Active Theater turns out yet another quality, thought-provoking production. Penned by Jennie Contuzzi and under the capable direction of Nathaniel Shaw... it has developed into a fascinating character study of a troubled young woman and her strange addiction.
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The cast is up to the challenge of making this crisp and witty characters live through their highly unusual circumstances... The Active Theater, as usual, gives a sterling production...
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The Mount Washington Valley Theatre Company's production is appropriately bright and colorful. This is a show that jumps from one song to the next very quickly, and director Nathaniel Shaw keeps the energy level high and the pacing brisk. The choreography, also by Shaw, is a creative hodge-podge of popular dance moves from the era.
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...a truly great show, brought across beautifully by Mount Washington Valley Theatre Company... The cast works exceptionally well as an ensemble... This is a completely entertaining piece of theater with great singing, dancing, and acting throughout.

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Director and choreographer Nathaniel Shaw does a nice job creating Fosse-esque dance routines particularly for “What Lola Wants” and “Two Lost Souls.”

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This is a meandering, laid-back show, and director Nathaniel Shaw brings an appropriately mellow tone to the proceedings... Of course, we have the advantage of knowing what happens beyond 1968, and Shaw includes a concluding scene which has the cast getting a glimpse of the future through a series of sound clips set to John Lennon's "Imagine." It is a powerful moment that leads to a spine-tingling performance of "Let the Sun Shine In."

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However, the competent team of actors, with Nathaniel Shaw's skilled direction, breathe life into Contuzzi's underdeveloped characters... Although the Dorothy Strelsin space is tiny, Shaw utilizes its intimacy and setup to the maximum, making bold choices... Shaw's choice in music is spot on, dreamy and smooth tunes that build to a chaotic frenzy.
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Credit, too, must be given to director Nathaniel Shaw who makes imaginative use of the very limited stage space and successfully keeps the heart of the story and the bipolar family emotions and baggage front and center. Shaw keeps the action moving briskly...
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